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ExpatTech Techblog - PHP

Nagy Richárd 2010.10.05. 14:31

Creating an RSS 2.0 Feed with PHP

As RSS 2.0 is a well-established standard nowadays and a lot of people actually use it, it is quite useful sometimes to create an RSS feed for a blog or a news section. When creating the new ExpatTech TechBlog I really wanted to implement this feature, so I digged into the topic a bit.

The first important thing to know that an RSS is actually an XML document, so you have to comply with the XML standards, and also RSS has a well-defined standard structure that you want to follow. One nice tool is W3C's Feed Validation Service to check your feed.

Of course I wanted to generate the RSS using PHP, because the whole site uses this technology. On websites the recommended charset is UTF-8, so for the examples I will use that.

Peter Todd 2008.11.28. 11:35

Flash Cookbook - Tricks - version detection with Flash AS2

There is a practical way to detect the version of flash running on the client's computer. We will use System.capabilities class to reach our goal.


First of all flash gets a parameter called "url". This will be the url of a php file to call after version is detected. Keep in mind that if the php is not called then there is no flash player at all.

Nagy Richárd 2008.10.22. 18:39

Sending UTF-8, HTML, etc. mails with PHP mail()

Sometimes you just have to send an e-mail with PHP. Contact forms, notifications, forgotten passwords, registration confirmations, whatever. PHP's mail() is an easy solution and with a little tweaking it is capable to do a lot.

The basic format for mail() is like this (well for our purposes... but you can check the complete reference):

mail ($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

Returns boolean true if sending the mail was successful.